Friday, January 30, 2009

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Printed matte jersey by Donna Morgan, $145. Travels great, doesn't wrinkle, and uber-flattering!

Olivia @ Vino looking hot in Bianca Nero

Monday, January 12, 2009

Laundry by Design chevron stripe dress with slip. Beautiful!

Trina Turk jersey tops

Trina Turk boucle jacket with nail head detail. Also in blue!

Peace. Say it with style. This isnt your mom's 60's tee...

Trina Turk denim (that's right, I said denim!) strapless dress. Wear it to work with a jacket or cardigan, it looks like a pencil skirt, go out after,de-layer, and bam! An ever so subtly sexy dress that isnt trying too hard. A classic, and great wardrobe staple.

Trina Turk sweater dress great transition from winter to spring wardrobe piece...a new fave of mine!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New blog, new year, Cupcake ladies in their finest.

Happy new year! Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, and is recovered fully by now. If you still dont feel well, you may have a problem. Just saying. Anyway, to start the new year, I want to share a fantastic proverb/toast that my friend Jason shared with me (and several hundred others on facebook). It goes a little something like this: "May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future." Love it!

I found another great pleasure on facebook this morning. All you lovely ladies had been busy posting your new year's eve photos, and I was thrilled with how many of you had fab Cupcake frocks on. I was eating it up. I would imagine there are thousands of photos out there of you at parties, weddings, bartops, whatever, in your Cupcake finest. That inspired me to request you send those in. They must be put to good use! I would love to post them here on this blog, start a wall of fame, or something. Double bonus points if that photo makes it in any publication with party pages or a social columnist! Above are a few samples. Send them to .

I would also like to share with you my resolutions, well, at least the ones that pertain to wardrobe.

1. Take every piece of clothing that sits in my closet unworn due to fit to the tailor. You know those pants you love but that just arent right on? The dress that would be SICK if the hem were 2 inches shorter? You put them on, look in the mirror, rue the day you spent good money, take the offending item off, and shove it testily back in the closet. Sound familiar? STOP IT. Get them fixed. Set aside $50-$100 this month to tailor the items on which you already spent a lot more than that. You will seriously expand your wardrobe. I love the tailor at fashion cleaners in Federal Hill, she kicks butt.

2. Get real about what I need to get rid of. Things that haven't fit since junior high never will again. Lose the sweaters with pills that can't be "shaved", I refuse to look like a hobo, no matter how much I spent on that damn cardi. Unfortuntaly, cashmere has a shelf life, ususally 2-3 seasons. Unless it's an "investment piece" or something you want to pass to future generations, if you havent worn it in over a year, be done with it. If the item has value, take it to an upscale resale shop. I love Wear Its At in Reisterstown, Vogue Revisited in Roland Park, and Newbury and Smith in Mt. Washington. If it's not valuable, youcan get some (not much) tax credit for donations to good will, and good karma. And room in your closet to boot.

3. Find a new pair of great black pants. It's been about great jeans for so long, I let my love of great black trousers fall to the wayside. Shame on me.

4. Polish my shoes, and some of my bags. Its not hard, my dad taught me how, he used to pay us as kids to do his. It makes a difference, especially when they're not brand new. Do not attempt this with satin shoes or your Speedy bag.

5. Document for insurance purposes the "investment" pieces in my wardrobe. I had a customer whose home was recently broken into, and a lot of stuff was taken, including a serious stash of premium jeans. Yes, apparently they have resale value. Anyhoo, do you really want to have to fight with your insurance company about this? I have a feeling my homeowners insurance carrier would call BS when I informed them of the quantity of designer shoes and bags some wicked (and now well heeled) robber had made off with. What can I say, I have a problem! Photograph your valuable stuff, put the photos on some sort of memory device, and stash the device somewhere out of the house, in case of fire.

That's all for now! I have to go take down the damn pink Christmas tree.