Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting dressed through fall transition

Getting dressed when the seasons are changing is tricky business. Especially when you have a sizable wardrobe and a tiny closet ;-) Such problems, I know. Its hard to have Cupcake as your own personal dressing room...poor me. Here's a couple of things i've figured out on managing the process.

- Organize your items. Put the really summery stuff away for goodness sake. I don't care if its going to be 70 degrees today, its October. Your sundress and flip-flops are NOT okay. At the same time, locate your lighter weight fall items, and try and work them in. I own a collapsible rolling rack, it really comes in handy with this process, and when you are done you can store it under the bed. Add a cardigan to a lighter dress, and throw a skinny belt around the duo to really update the look. Add footless tights (they look lighter than the footed ones) to a light sweater dress and pair it with flats or pumps. We have some great textured ones right now from French Curve. My personal fave, add knee high boots (or over the knee if you are daring) to a short dress and wear it with bare legs. It's a sexy look, very LA, and we really have a short weather window here to rock it. Cool but not cold. I like to refer to it as bare legs and boot season!

- Layer up. The temperature is all over map these days. Cool in the morning, warm when the sun is up, then the temperature drops like a rock when the sun goes back down. See above in regards cardigans and foot less tights. In addition, there are lots if cute jackets and blazers out there this year. I have been living in my 525 America equestrian jacket. Pair a tailored jacket with a feminine cami and those great skinny cargos we've been blowing out by Kensie. At $84, they're a great alternative to the very cute, but $230 J Brand variety. It's a great way to feminize the military look. Add a fur vest in the evening. Chic and warm!

-Check your phone for the forecast the night before and pull and outfit for the next day. When you have new pieces in your wardrobe you need to time to experiment and mix and match. There's never enough time in the morning for that. If you are like me, you need that time for coffee! Grab that new skinny black pant, like the amazing ones we have fro the Cue, or my new personal fave, my Halston Heritage leather and ponte knit riding pants, and try them with a sleeveless chunky sweater or a feminine blouse.

- Its all about mixing the light with the heavy, straddling that line between the seasons so you are rocking the new fall trends without looking to wintery or being unbearably warm.

- Accessorize, of course. Right now i'm loving cross body purses, yes the long strap is back! We have Chanel inspired styles by Big Buddha that are $45! I wear my menswear inspired super inexpensive gold Armitron watch every day, paired with leather bracelets by C Pak. They are Italian leather, look shockingly like Hermes, and cost $45 as well.